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The use of alcohol effects drinkers differently as does and will marijuana.  It depends on the individual user.
Prohibition failed to control the use of alcohol which led to the legalization and the “war on drugs” is an abysmal failure.   The illegality of marijuana makes it more valuable.  Decriminalize it.  Remove the profit margin for cartels, smugglers, and dealers.
Arresting users (over 800,000 arrests in the U.S. each year) for small amounts of marijuana is a huge financial burden to the criminal justice system. It increases court costs and makes the system less efficient, wastes jail space and resources, clogs up the court systems, and diverts the time of police, attorneys, and judges, away from more serious issues.
The Controversy Over Cannabis – to legalize or not  – is a persistent issue that, like marijuana, will simply not go away.  Ms. Markowitz has clearly framed the discussion from all sides of the spectrum in a comprehensive and balanced way.

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